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TITLE [Forum]Asian Civil Cultural Connecting Networks 05.7.25

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Preliminary Asian Cultural Forum

-Connecting Networks



July 25-26, 2005, 5.18 Memorial Culture Hall, Gwangju, Korea


July 25


13:00-15:00  Registration


15:00-15:30  Opening Ceremony

            Greetings: Jo Dong-Soo, Chairman, Gwangju Arts & Culture Council

                     Lee Byung Hwa, Vice Mayor for External Affairs, Gwangju City

                   Ban Myeong-hwan, Chairman, Gwangju Metropolitan Council

                     Lee Young-Jin, CEO, Executive Agency for Culture Cities


15:30-18:30  Country Report: Civil Society Institutions in Asia


Firdous Azim (Naripokkoho, Bangladesh)

- “NGOs in Bangladesh”

Ashish Rajhadhyaksha (Media Archive of CSCS, India)

-‘India in the Arts: Brief History of the Issues before the NGO Movement”

Melani Budianta (Indonesia University)

-“NGO and the Democratization Processes in Indonesia: Prospects and Challenges”

Lei Qili (East China Normal University, China)

-“NGO and Its Function in Today’s China”

Yoshitaka Mori (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan)

- “NGOs and Social Movements in Japan”

Chen Kuan Hsing (Informational Center for Labor Education, Taiwan)

-“Civil Society, Min-Jian and Political Society: The Taiwan Experiences”

Chua Beng Huat (Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

-“Singapore: A Report on Civil Society Organizations and Activities”

Bayasgalan Natsag-Yunden (Gender Center for Sustainable Development, Mongolia)

- “Brief About Civil Society Institutions in Mongolia”

Moderator: Kim So Young (Feminist Artist Network; Korea National University of Arts)


19:00-20:30 Dinner Party and Networking


July 26


09:00-10:00  Visit to 5.18 Memorial Cemetery


10:30-12:30  Session 1: Gwangju as a Cultural City and Constructing Networks for Civil Cultural Organizations


l        Keynote Speakers

Kim Ki Bong (Korea Local-Culture Network)

Lim Donghwak (The Association of Writers for National Literature)


l        Round Table: Discussion on the Exchange among Culture and Art Organizations in Asia

Chung Jichang (Daegu Culture Forum) 

Park Seung-Hyun (Korea Community Network)

Jung Hee Sub (The Cultural Policy Network of Korea)

Kang Young Kyue (Wukumchi Madangkuk)

Kim In-Cheol (Cultural Policy Institute) 

Kim Seon Tae (The Korea Peoples Artist Federation –Jeon Buk) 

Ji Hyung Weon (Kwangju Ilbo Daily Newspaper)

Nam Sung Suk (Kwangju Maeil) 

Kim Jeong Hwan (The Peoples Artists Federation in Gwangju)

Park Kangeui (Shinmyoung Madangkuk)

In-ho Cho (Gwangju Biennale Foundation) 

Yeom Jeong-ho (Gwangju Interational Film Festival)

Won Kang (Uijae Art Museum)

Moderator: Park Jong Kwan (Chung-Buk People’s Artist Federation)



12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:00-16:00 Session 2: Gwangju as a Cultural City and Constructing Networks for Civil Cultural Organizations II


l        Keynote Speakers:

Yi Kiho (Korea Peace Forum)

-“Asian Civil Society Networking and Cooperation”

Woo-Geun Eun (Gwangju University)

- “Asian Civil Society Network and the City of Gwangju”


l        Round Table: Discussion on the Exchange between Civil Society Institutions in Asia

Sung-Hee Yoo (National YWCA of Korea)

Kim Young Jin (World Life-Culture Forum)

Kim Hyo Seok (Local Culture Exchange Foundation) 

Chae Bok Hee (People’s Society for Culture)

Jo Jin Tae (May 18 Memorial Foundation) 

Park Meekyung (Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, Gwangju) 

Kim Ji Won (Gwnagju-Jeonnam Culture Network)

Song Indong (Citizen’s Movement Commtt, Gwangju YMCA) 

Lee Mikgung (The national association of parents for cham-education)

Kim Gyung Ill (Mudeungsan National Trust Foundation) 

Park Jeongsin (Punggyeongsori)

Jeon Jin Sook (Gwangju Womenlink) 

Park Kwang Woo(Participatory Autonomy Forum 21C)

Park Kyeong Oan(Supporters for Culture City)

An Eun-Jeong(Supporters for Culture City)

Lee Jong Wook (Supporters for Culture City)

Lee Yea-Ji (Supporters for Culture City)

Moderator: Jun Hyo-Kwan (Civil Culture Network Tea-pot)


16:00-16:30 Break


16:30-18:00 Meeting: Drafting a Proposal for Constructing Networks among Asian Civil Cultural Organizations


All the participants of the forum

Moderator: Jung Hee Sub (The Cultural Policy Network of Korea)


18:00-20:00 Farewell Party 


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