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DATE 2005/11/18 17:57 HIT 6263
TITLE Special Exhibition of the Festival for \"A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju\"
Special Exhibition
of the Festival for 'A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju'
The exhibition on the tales of 15 villages
A film exhibition of hidden stories and information collected from villages and friends that cherish the history and culture of Gwangju.
ㅇ Theme : 'The Tales of 15 Villages'
: Independence Movement against Japanese Imperialist regime, the Memory of the May 18th Uprising, The Merchant on the street of Chungjangno, Malbawoo Auntie, The Yangdong and Daein Markets, The Namgwangju Station-Market, The Imjung Village's Buksuje, The Story of Yanglimdong, Mudeung Mountain Watermelon of Geumgok Village, The Daily Life of the Gwangju Streamside, The Student Boarder of Banlyong Village, The Story of Tea House Woo , and The Ally of My Village.
∘ Period   : Dec.1(Thu) ~ Dec.27(Tue)
∘ Venue : Former Jeonnam Provincial Government Main Bldg. 1~ 3 F
∘ Organizer : Gwangju Arts & Culture Council
∘ Special Event
 - 'Dawn of Gwangju Modern Art' :
    Music(on Im Bang-Ul), Literature, Art (on Huh Baek-Ryun, Oh Ji-Ho, and Modern Art)
Conjunction Points
      : Asian Documentary Photography & Film Exhibition
A multimedia exhibition of 26 photo and video artists showcasing their common Asian experiences.
∘Theme : Six themes  (Festivals, Rituals and Customs / Women of Asia / Disasters, Wars and Survivors / Metropolis)  Special exhibition (Vietnam 1965-2005), Migrants (Asia within Korea)
∘Period : Dec.1(Thu) ~ Dec.27(Tue)
∘Venue : Former Jeonnam Provincial Government Annex Bldg. 1~2F
∘Organizer : Gwangju Arts & Culture Council
∘ Special Event
   - Conversation with Artists, presentation explanation on the exhibition

Programs for Civil Culture Community "Ssu-uk"
 A focus on forming the participating subject in the Asian Culture Complex, nurturing citizens through culture and arts education, and developing Edu-Culture programs.
∘Theme : Introduction of Formation of Citizen's cultural community 
∘Period : Dec.1(Thu)~Dec.27(Tue)
∘Venue : Former Jeonnam Provincial Government Annex Bldg 3~4 F and rooftop
- Culture City Academy
- Mediator nurture on Public Art&Design Education
- Love-Love City
- Fusion Band with Asia "Dongneabuk+Sangsangnoridan"
- Abroad Culture City Experience Project
∘Organizer : Gwangju Arts & Culture Council

Citizen's Supporters Patchwork
  An participating type of Art Project of the Citizens through which 10,000 art and writing patchworks of some 50,000 citizens are hung tied together on the walls of the construction site of the Asian Culture Complex.
∘Theme : Dear Asian!
∘Period : Dec.2005
∘Venue : Buildings around Former Jeonnam Provincial Government building
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