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TITLE Accompanied Events of the Festival for A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju
Accompanied Events
of the Festival for 'A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju'
The 2nd Asian Culture Symposium   www.asiacs.or.kr
 An academic venue for scholars and civil rights activists from various countries discussing Asian matters and searching visions of culture cities.
Theme : "City+Culture+Human"
Period   : Dec.5(Mon) ~ Dec.6(Tue)
Venue : Yongbong Hall, Chonnam National University
Organizer : Asian Culture Symposium Organizing Committee
Management : the Center for Art & Culture Technology, Chonnam National Univ.
Special Exhibition & Event : Photo Exhibitions on Cultural Facilities of Several Culture Cities of the World, and Performances.

Gwangju Forum for Asian Human Rights   www.518.org
 A regular forum between Asian human rights institutions on the subject of succession and development of the spirit of May 18th Gwangju Democratic Uprising.
Theme : 'Difference and Human Rights'
Period : Dec.7(Wed) ~ Dec.8(Thu)
Venue : Gwangju May 18 Memorial Culture Center
Organizer : National Human Rights Commission, Korea Democracy Foundation, The May 18th Memorial Foundation
Management : The May 18th Memorial Foundation
Special Exhibition & Event
  - Exhibition of various Activities of Asian Human Rights Institutions (Photos and Films)

Asian Literature Forum    www.kjminjak.or.kr
A forum to probe the current status and share the prospects of each Asian countries' literature.
Theme : "Gwangju, holds hands with Asian Literature!"
Period : Dec.5(Mon) ~ Dec.10(Sat)
Venue : Seosuk Hall, Chosun Univ.
Organizer : Asia Culture Network
Management : The Association of Jeonnam ·  Gwangju Writers for National Literature
Special Exhibition & Event
  - Poetry and Song Performance, Exposure to the culture of Gwangju, Asian Literature Symposium

Asian Art Forum    www.gwangju-biennale.org
 A forum to search a theme for the " Gwangju Biennale 2006" and the new identity of Asian art as well as to establish an international network for contemporary Asian art.
Theme : "World Contemporary Art in the Eyes of Asia"
Period : Dec.5 (Mon)~Dec.6(Tue)
Venue : Audio-visual room, Yongbong Culture Center, Chonnam National Univ.
Organizer : Gwangju Biennale Foundation
Management : Gwangju Biennale Foundation
Forum for Cultural-Movements Network   www.isimin.org
  A forum for local cultural organizations to discuss and develop an agenda on establishing an exchange network
Theme : The networking plan for regional cultural cooperation
Period : Dec.8(Thu)~ Dec.9(Fri)
Venue : Mujin Hall, YMCA in Gwangju city 
Organizer : The Committee of Culture Network Forum
Management : People's society for culture
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