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I`m very much pleased to meet you. I`m Chairperson Song Ki-Sook of Presidential Committee for Culture Cities. Let me extend my warmest welcome for visiting the homepage of Presidential Committee for Culture Cities.
The present Participatory Government has agonized a lot over the measures to set up a new framework for cultural development in the 21st century and to grow regional cultures to be in full bloom. The Project of "A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju" is a very ambitious culture scheme, which is the first attempt of its kind since the foundation of Korea to achieve balanced national development and decentralization of power through culture.
The historic value and significance of this Project lies in innovating Gwangju into a new city of the 21st century through forming "Creation City," "Learning City," and "Futuristic City" as a neo-humanistic urban development model. Presidential Committee for Culture Cities aims to set up a national model of urban development by upgrading culturally time-honored cities like Gwangju through differentiated strategies and, by doing so, to construct a culture state ultimately.
First of all, the Project of "A Culture Hub City of Asia, Gwangju" is the first futuristic urban development model in Asia in that culture lies in its core theme, and hence the development of Gwangju will act as a leverage for that of other cities not only in Korea but also in Asian countries. In addition, Gwangju is expected to be a hub city where world cultures and Asian cultures in particular are rediscovered, recreated and then exchanged by sharing historic and spiritual assets Gwangju has with other peoples in Asia.
In the future, Presidential Committee for Culture Cities will upgrade other culture cities in Korea as world-class culture cities in name and reality, and by doing so, will lay a firm foundation so that Korea can position itself as a pivot nation leading the exchanges of Asian cultures.
Jointly composed 30 members of Presidential Committee for Culture Cities from both private and public sectors are establishing an organic cooperative system with members of its Working Committee, leaders and staff of The Executive Agency for Culture Cities as well as those of Gwangju City.
Wishing that active participation of experts from all walks of life, artists, and citizens at this Project will sublimate the Project itself as Citizen's Culture Movement and as Nation-wide Festival, let me cordially request your unsparing support and participation. Thank you very much.