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The 2nd Asian Culture Symposium
An academic venue for scholars and civil rights activists from various countries discussing Asian matters and searching visions of culture cities.
Theme : "City+Culture+Human"
Period : Dec.5(Mon) ~ Dec.6(Tue)
Venue : Yongbong Hall, Chonnam National University
Organizer : Asian Culture Symposium Organizing Committee
Management : the Center for Art & Culture Technology, Chonnam National Univ.
Special Exhibition & Event : Photo Exhibitions on Cultural Facilities of Several Culture Cities of the World, and Performances.

Gwangju Forum for Asian Human Rights
A regular forum between Asian human rights institutions on the subject of succession and development of the spirit of May 18th Gwangju Democratic Uprising.
Theme : 'Difference and Human Rights'
Period : Dec.7(Wed) ~ Dec.8(Thu)
Venue : Gwangju May 18 Memorial Culture Center
Organizer : National Human Rights Commission, Korea Democracy Foundation, The May 18th Memorial Foundation
Management : The May 18th Memorial Foundation
Special Exhibition & Event : Exhibition of various Activities of Asian Human Rights Institutions (Photos and Films)

Asian Literature Forum
A forum to probe the current status and share the prospects of each Asian countries' literature.
Theme : "Gwangju, holds hands with Asian Literature!"
Period : Dec.5(Mon) ~ Dec.10(Sat)
Venue : Seosuk Hall, Chosun Univ.
Organizer : Asia Culture Network
Management : The Association of Jeonnam · Gwangju Writers for National Literature
Special Exhibition & Event : Poetry and Song Performance, Exposure to the culture of Gwangju, Asian Literature Symposium

Asian Art Forum
A forum to search a theme for the " Gwangju Biennale 2006" and the new identity of Asian art as well as to establish an international network for contemporary Asian art.
Theme : "World Contemporary Art in the Eyes of Asia"
Period : Dec.5 (Mon)~Dec.6(Tue)
Venue : Audio-visual room, Yongbong Culture Center, Chonnam National Univ.
Organizer : Gwangju Biennale Foundation
Management :Gwangju Biennale Foundation

Forum for Cultural-Movements Network
A forum for local cultural organizations to discuss and develop an agenda on establishing an exchange network
Theme : The networking plan for regional cultural cooperation
Period : Dec.8(Thu)~ Dec.9(Fri)
Venue : Mujin Hall, YMCA in Gwangju city
Organizer : The Committee of Culture Network Forum
Management :People's society for culture